Salt Softener Sales



Each player to sell 50-bags

Load orders in new application, TheOrderBuddy by 4/5/2024

Plan for Salt Delivery weekend: April 27 and 28


Buy your Diamond Crystal softener salt from an Eagan High School baseball player and he will happily deliver it to you!

Every spring and fall, Eagan High School baseball players sell and deliver high quality Diamond Crystal softener salt to generate revenue for field maintenance, uniforms, umpires, coaches, and many other necessary costs. Help support our local boys and eliminate one of your most dreaded chores!


Salt Sales will begin: 3/10/2024

All Sales must be entered into TheOrderBuddy by 4/5/2024

Salt pick up will take place at The Home Depot parking lot 4/27/24 and 4/28/24.

Each player is expected to sell 50 bags but there are awards for those who sell more: 

75+ bags = $50 Gift Card

100+ bags = $75 Gift Card 

125+ bags = = $100 Gift Card (Top Dog Seller)


40 lb bag
Iron Fighter Pellets

40 lb bag
Solar Naturals

40 lb bag
Bright and Soft Pellets