August 24th kick-off

We had our pre-season board and booster meeting on Monday, July 26th. Thanks for all who attended. For those who missed it or just want to watch a cool movie the meeting and transcript can be found at:

Next board meeting, August 22nd to prepare for August 24th

Booster Board

Title Focus Name
President Wildcat wrangling Nathan Noll
Treasurer Keeping Boosters Positive Dan Schulz
Secretary Documenting the Party Donna Cuniff Brechlin
Board At Large Dressing the wildcats Tricia Matzek
Board At Large Keeping wildcats informed Beth Rocheford
Board At Large Wildcat Memorabilia Brian Jaedike
Board At Large Making a great game day Jay Jensen
Board At Large Keeping Support coming in Sarah Logan
Board At Large Rides To the Game Maureen Carlson